Good resolutions for the start of the school year: How to resume sport after the summer?

Hours spent sunbathing and sipping cocktails by the beach are now over! Now on to fitness. Have you also made the resolution to get back to sport at the start of the school year? If this is the case like many French people, Monquotidienfitness gives you some tips on good practices to adopt in order to best prepare for the resumption of sweating sessions.

resume slowly 

The mistake that is made by many practitioners is to resume sport at the same pace as before the cut. It is important to note that you no longer have the same physical condition and your body is no longer used to performing such efforts. Resume at a gentler pace by performing fairly simple, bodyweight exercises with progressive intensity.

The biggest risk when you start too hard is to have big aches after the session then to stop for 5 days, and in the end to be discouraged by the pain after a single session. Beyond that, the risk of injury is increased. Indeed it is easy to make a small muscle tear or an elongation because one has put too much tension on a muscle. 

  • If you are more into strength training, lower your weight by 20 to 30% by performing longer sets of about 12 to 15 repetitions.

To fix objectives 

As an old Sun Tzu proverb says, “He who has no goals is unlikely to achieve them”. Indeed, setting goals is a crucial element in maintaining motivation. A goal is said to be good when it is clear, achievable, measurable and time-bound. You can therefore make a list with 2 or 3 objectives that will help you stay the course.

The best equipment: Your sportswear 

Buying a nice, comfortable outfit will contribute to your motivation and your well-being. Having a sheathing set, which holds you perfectly, will make you want to wear it and therefore do more sport. The main goal is to be comfortable in your practice.

But be careful, this should not become an excuse to have a good conscience and not practice physical activity. 

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Hire a coach

It is a service increasingly requested by people who do not know how to work properly and get results. It is suitable for all types of profiles and allows you to set up training adapted to your physical condition and level.

You no longer have an excuse, now that you have all the cards in hand to resume physical activity, it's up to you!

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