A balanced weight loss diet.

Une alimentation équilibré en perte de poids.


No matter what goal you are pursuing, it is important to have healthy and balanced nutrition. To have a balanced menu, we pay attention to the distribution of proteins, carbohydrates and lipids. Every meal should include these 3 nutrients. We keep slow sugars at a low GI and good fats.

We set ourselves a goal of 3 meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner, but also 2 snacks so as not to be hungry and to distribute the calorie intake as well as possible.

Types of food


Potatoes, brown rice, whole pasta, quinoa, bulgur... are not prohibited, however pay attention to the quantities. To be eaten preferably al dente, not overcooked, and in the whole version, which lowers the glycemic index. The potato is more light cooked whole with its skin than mashed. A tip for distributing these carbohydrates well is that it represents a quarter of the plate. Bread is allowed , but only in the morning for breakfast.


We choose the thinnest, red or white it doesn't matter. Especially chicken, turkey, veal, 5% beef, rabbit. No pork, lamb, or sausages. Red meat is an excellent source of iron. 

The fish :

Fish is also an excellent source of protein , as important as meat. It is necessary to provide diversity in its protein sources and fish are a great way to do this. Some fish even exceed the protein rate of meat, this is the case of tuna (30g per 100g), mackerel (24g per 100g), but also salmon or sardines. 

Good fats: 

Choose your fats carefully, steaming, baking, frying or stewing are better than those made with butter or oil. However it is not forbidden to incorporate a tablespoon of rapeseed oil, olive oil in its preparations. Avocados, walnuts and almonds are also good sources of healthy fats and omega 3s . It is necessary to carefully control your intake of good fats and not to consume them in excess.

The vegetables : 

Beans, cabbage, spinach, zucchini, mushrooms, salad, among others… are vegetables to be consumed at will . 

The fruits : 

Fruits can also be eaten in good quantity . On the other hand, it is preferable to favor those which have a low glyceric index. Fruit juices, on the other hand, are not recommended. 

The drinks : 

No sodas or fruit juices. Tea (green), herbal teas, infusions, coffee, of course unsweetened are excellent. Water, of course, is the best beverage on any diet. It is preferable to consume it flat rather than carbonated because it contains less salt.

breakfast ideas 

Sweet breakfast 

savory breakfast 

Menu 1 

Oat flakes - Seasonal fruits - Almonds - Fromage blanc 0% - Tea or coffee without sugar 

Wholemeal bread - turkey breast - Tea or coffee without sugar

Menu 2 

Wholemeal bread - protein/light spread legs - Yogurt - Tea or coffee without sugar

Eggs - oatmeal - Tea or coffee without sugar

Menu 3

Low sugar cereals (muesli) - Food supplement - Semi-skimmed milk - Tea or coffee without sugar 

lunch ideas 


Menu 1

 Quinoa - Tuna - Tomato - green salad - Asparagus - Olive oil 

Menu 2

Wholemeal pasta - Salmon - Tomato - Olive oil 

Menu 3

Shrimps - Sweet potatoes - Leeks - Onion - Olive oil 

Menu 4 

Broccoli - Brown rice - Chicken breast - Olive oil 

Menu 5

Lentils - Carrots - Turkey - Onions - Olive oil 

dinner ideas 


Menu 1

 Zucchini - Potato - Cabinaud - Olive oil 

Menu 2

Quinoa - Chicken - Broccoli - Olive oil 

Menu 3

Beef steak - Brown rice - Green beans - Olive oil

Menu 4

Ratatouille - Wholemeal pasta - salmon - Olive oil 

Menu 5

Turkey fillet - Carrots - Potato - Olive oil

A balanced diet means making the right food choices and limiting fat and sugars.

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