Healthy pastry: The perfect ingredients

Pâtisserie Healthy : Les ingredients parfaits

Alternatives to fat in our pastries!

How to replace butter in pastries? First of all, before starting to replace it, it is important to know its usefulness in our preparations. Butter brings the melting side to our recipes. The best example to illustrate this are the cookies which, thanks to the butter, have this melting and soft heart. Without butter they would be dry and brittle.

What are the alternatives to butter in our pastries?

Cottage cheese is certainly the best solution when you want to add creaminess to these recipes. However, when using cottage cheese as a replacement for butter, it is best to take it with 0% fat .

Avocado is an ideal substitute for butter, this fruit when fully ripe and pureed. With its mild taste, it can replace the use of butter in your recipes for chocolate fondant, cookies or even pancakes.

Coconut oil, and oils in general, serve very well in recipes to bring fondant and that moist side. In your pancake, waffle or cake batters, coconut oil goes very well and replaces butter perfectly.

Fruit compotes : for all your fruit-based pastries, compote can very well bring this soft and melting side sought in your cakes among others. A chocolate pear cake without butter is a good example of a recipe where the compote is used as fat. It is better to favor homemade compotes, without added sugar.

Zucchini : In grated form, zucchini works very well as a fat alternative. Its very mild and discreet taste goes very well with most pastries.

Alternatives to sugar

Many studies have shown that sugar is a much more addictive drug than some hard drugs. This is why some people have decided to do sugar detoxification cures because it is very present in our diets and in different forms. Here are some foods that can replace sugar in your preparations.

Fruit , plain or stewed, is therefore one of the healthiest ways to avoid sugar in your recipes.

The Date has many advantages compared to white sugar, reduced to puree (after removing the skin) or cooked in the microwave with a little water, its sweetening power is very interesting. It can easily be incorporated into your recipes as a substitute for white sugar. It is also rich in vitamin B & C, iron and potassium. On the same bases, raisins can also be substitutes.

Sweeteners are also good alternatives to sugar, especially stevia. Their sweetening powers are much greater than white sugar, which is why it should be used only in very small quantities.


80g of oil=100g of butter
100g of compote=100g of butter
80g of chopped zucchini=100g of butter
100g mashed banana=100g butter
50g of mashed avocado=100g of butter
20g of egg yolk (i.e. 1)=20g of butter